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Participant types and registration fees

SIMBig 2024 offers two types of registrations:


Important notice: If an author has multiple papers, they will need to pay an additional USD 30.00 (MXN 540.00) for each additional paper. ?For example, if an author has 2 accepted papers, they will need to pay USD 119 for the first paper and an additional USD 30.00 for the second paper, totaling USD 149.00 (MXN 2682.00).

Payment information

# Payment by electronic transfer
Account holder : Sociedad Mexicana de Inteligencia Artificial, A.C.
Bank : BBVA Bancomer
Account number : 0194625285
CLABE : 012180001946252858
Address : Av. Universidad, 1200, Col. Xoco, C.P. 03339, Del. Benito Juárez, México, D.F.
# Payment by PayPal
Link : http://smia.mx/simbig/2023/payment/payment.html

Registration process

  1. Remember your option from the above table and the amount to be transferred.
  2. Fill out the registration form by clicking on the button below. The form contains the information about the PayPal and bank account.
  3. Make a transfer to the selected bank account or by PayPal. You will be asked to upload a digital copy of the transfer receipt.
  4. Please keep the transfer receipt. It will be necessary to get the SIMBig 2024 credential.
  5. Important notice: Bank fees will be at the expense of the participant.

Contact information