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Spend three inspiring days in the cultural and cosmopolitan city of Mexico City. The area is full of great hotels, restaurants and galleries.

Campus-Ciudad de Mexico


SIMBig 2023 will be held in Mexico City, Mexico. Mexico City is located in the Valley of Mexico, on the central plateu. Tenochtitlan, originally built on an island in the Texcoco Lake by the Aztecs in 1325, was nearly completely destroyed in the Tenochtitlan Asedio in 1521. In order to meet current Spanish urban standards, it was redistributed and rebuilt. The municipal government of Mexico City was established in 1524; at the time, it was known as Mexico Tenochtitlan; nevertheless, it was officially recognized as Mexico City in 1585. Since since, it has been the hub of Spanish-speaking politics, administration, and finance. The Distrito Federal was established in 1824 after becoming independent of Spain, and it remained as such until 2016. As a cultural destination, it is unparalleled in North America. With London as the sole exception, it has more museums than any other city on earth. The city's populace thrives on delicious food and an exquisite culture that is a synthesis of many influences that have influenced the city from outside its borders, not just the pre-existing cultures.

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SIMBig 2023 will be held in the Tecnologico de Monterrey's campus in Mexico City. The CCM is a private university located in Prol. Canal de Miramontes, Coapa, San Bartolo el Chico, Tlalpan, 14380 Ciudad de Mexico, CDMX. Tec de Monterrey is considered one of the best privates schools in Mexico.Mexico City Campus has gone through so much history. The First Stone Ceremony was conducted in January 1990. So begins the 8000 m2 first phase of construction. There were built 30 classrooms, an office building, a football field, two tennis courts, and 360 parking spaces. The second level of the building's construction was continued the following year. The master's degree in education with areas of specialization was delivered through satellite. Tlalpan's educational facilities attained a student population of 2,800 pupils. In the present, the campus's history is still being written. With nearly a century of presence in Mexico City and 30 years in Tlalpan, the Tecnologico de Monterrey has played a prominent role in university rankings for several years, rising through the ranks to solidify its position among the best in the nation and in Latin America. More information is available here


Trip to the Teotihuacan's pyramids

The name given to what was one of Mesoamerica's largest cities during the prehistoric period is Teotihuacan (nahuatl: Teotihuacan, "Location where the gods were made; city of the gods"). In this respect, SIMBig is organizing a trip for the conference attendings. With that in mind, if you are interested in joining us in this magical experience, please, ask for the details of this trip (costs and travel dates) to the conference chairs.

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